Kim G. L. Pedersen

On Molecules, Molecular Junctions, Quantum Interference in Transport and Quantum Pumping

Just recently I defended my PhD Thesis entitled “Theoretical Investigations Regarding Single Molecules”. The title is so generic because the thesis contains work in different fields:

  • An introduction to the PPP model (an extended Hubbard model) and the numerical solution using exact diagonalization.
  • Neoclassical Valence Bond Theory as an effective tool for calculating and describing molecular quantum states.
  • Another main topic of the thesis is transport through gated molecular junctions, including work on:
    • Quantum interference in transport through interacting electronic systems (e.g. molecules).
    • AFM and FM Kondo Effect in transport through molecular junctions.
    • Quantum pumping in molecules using a general Floquet formalism.

If you are interested, my thesis can be downloaded here: