Kim G. L. Pedersen


My name is Kim Georg Lind Pedersen and I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist with a special interest in strongly correlated systems. I have worked with both numerical and analytical methods mainly to simulate the evolution of ensembles and perform many-body calculations.

I have taken a passionate interest in several different branches of condensed matter physics. My master project dealt with analytical calculations of the nonequilibirum Kondo problem.

I am currently finishing my PhD at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, writing about molecular electronics and electronic correlations and molecular electronic pumps. Simultaneously I have published several papers on techniques for measuring spin correlations of cold atoms in optical lattices.

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Published Work

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  • Inducing spin-dependent tunneling to probe magnetic correlations in optical lattices”. {link, arXiv}


  • Measuring spin correlations in optical lattices using superlattice potentials”. {link, arXiv}


  • Master’s Thesis on “Poor Man’s Scaling for the Nonequilibrium Kondo Problem and Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Optical Lattices”. {pdf}
  • Antiferromagnetic noise correlations in optical lattices”. {link, arXiv}


  • BSc project on “Multivortices in Abelian Higgs Models”. {pdf}