Kim G. L. Pedersen

Talk About "Quantum Mechanics" at the Big Bang Conference

Half a year ago I agreed to give a talk at the 2014 Big Bang conference for danish middle school and high school science teachers.

While I could have focused on the results of my thesis, I instead choose to talk about the more general topic: “Quantum mechanics - how hard can it be?”… or it was in fact done in danish: “Kvantemekanik - hvor svært kan det være?”.

While quantum mechanics is often considered quite difficult, the talk offered an intuitive introduction to the enthralling subject. The presentation emphasized the fact that many quantum mechanical phenomena are easily explained as wave phenomena.

A total of 80 teachers showed up for the presentation, filling the entire room. It was a pleasure giving the talk to such a dedicated crowd.

The presentation slides (including a number of vector illustrations created secifically for it) is available for download at a separate page.